2002 Mitsubishi Mirage Questions

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if the maintenance of the vehicle is kept far as oil change
No problems with car but it doesn't say the speed or how many miles the car has
Could it be play in the cable clutch
this problem started after i put oil in my car and the next day i drove it thats when it started smoking sometimes thick or thin at times. it also hesitates like it wants to shut off but it doesnt. when i try to accelerate it it doesnt immediately the puff of smoke comes out then it starts to pick up speed. like a cough that you try to get out but cant and then it finally comes out like something is blocked.
The engine light came on when I was slowing down and was coming on and off but after an hour of driving, it didnt come on any more
I have checked the fuses any ideas.
When I put it in reverse it was sputtering and knocking. What could be wrong? I am afraid to even drive it to get it fixed. It has about 98,000 miles and pray it isn't my timing belt. Advice please,from a senior woman. Thanks.
When i givie it gas its hesitant to go and drives ok when i get to a steady speed
Car has 190,000 and has just recently become sluggish on power. Will not go up hills past 40 mph, Won't go faster than 70 mph on flat roads, stumbles a little on acceleration.Had an EGR code P0401. Took the EGR valve/throttle body off and did a thorough cleaning. Changed spark plugs and wires. Cleaned MAF. Changed valve cover gasket/boot rings. Changed PCV. What are some problems that may be causing this?
car was checked out by a mechanic and AAMCO but my car makes a loud jet plane sound when I am driving at a speed over 25mph seems to no do it ONLY when turning to a sharp right...nobody can figure it out. Just had it inspected and tire rotation and oil change ..Any guggestions? Also have new tires and had a 4wheel aligment check..
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