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I have a 2001 mitizubshi mirage it has 95,000 miles on it when should I replace the timing belt
Recently I've noticed I've been having to put more and more oil in my car. It just won't hold it, there's no leak at all and I've done multiple oil changes in the past month to try to fix it. Me and my bank account are basically dying at this point, if anyone knows a solution it would be very very much appreciated. Thanks! Janice.
Went to put gas in afteer buying it and the pump at gas station keeps clicking off on me but i need gas in it cause i drove it home after buy it 59 miles
The readio will not work unless i have the coad
I bought a instrument cluster of same year but standard, will that work for a manual?
2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (5-speed manual)
Because I live in really cold weather. I'm searching for the best cold weather manual transmission fluid (synthetic)
What brand name should I buy? I'm looking to drive during the real cold temperatures but also maximize* fuel economy with the transmission fluid I put into
My Mirage 1.8L was not starting here and there for several years now (usually when temps were hotter outside. I thought maybe it was the starter (solenoid possibly?). One mechanic said not starter, but battery. I have used it on more than one occasion to jump my SuperDuty F350 Diesel Truck with no problem, so, I don't see how it can be the battery.

Problem has gotten worse and very quickly, (within a few days) it is barely starting at all anymore. Could it in fact be a problem with the starter? or something else? Not getting any codes, check engine light not on.

**Always had problems with power and lights dimming when AC running (more than your normal surge).
**Always have problems with Static Electricity with this car (you can see ARCS of electricity at times) Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
**Always had problems with feeling of almost wanting to stall when stopping at a light after driving on Highway for a long time (especially when temps are warmer)

Please help. Thank you.
I had my car scanned, and put in a new transmission module, and speed control sensor, and the neutral light still blinks while in drive, what else could be causing this or do I have to have my car reset?
we changed the neutral switch and checked all the spark plugs and coils, and it still blinks and doesnt shift right, were not sure where to find everything in the engine, and also the ac leaks inside the car and we cannot locate the hose, please help, were at our wits end with this car, nothing but trouble
It acted like it wanted to die, but then got better. Again, this morning the same thing. I got on the expressway and it would not go above 45 at first but then seemed to get better. At about 55 I felt the transmission shift and then it was fine??? Help!!
My mechanic said it's something in the steering that won't allow it to work. Costly?
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