1999 Mitsubishi Mirage Questions

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So the battery died, which isn't unusual considering my sound system is slightly draining my battery somewhere. Went to jump start the car and as soon as I take off the jumper cables, it dies. So I figure its the alternator. Replaced the alternator, now the car still won't stay running AND my radio is now dead. Kind of at a loss here I'm not sure what happened
Doesnt let me turn the key on
It won't engage when put into each gear, it's an automatic an I know nothing about cars an cannot afford to be without one right now! I put 2 wet of fluid in an it didn't work, it's not leaking either.I did have the wiring harness try to fry itself the day before this started an under the hood right next to where you put train fluid in there is a Lil black cover thing with wires going into the top that has a cracked in it but not sure what it is! With all of the electrical problems could it be something like that or what other problems could cause it to do this?
I had my battery die and had it charged it died again got alternator checked said it's only outing out 10 volts. The alternator has been replaced with a new one and new battery. A few days later battery died again and alternator still putting out 10 volts. What else could cause this problem?
the valve taps while car is cold but goes away after it is warm. major tune up has been done. before the oil change it tapped all the time. now it taps while cold.
No power going up hills and will not speed up. Someone said converter but will burn hand at end of exaust. Please help ?????? Don't know what to do.....
The rear driver side door will only open when handle is pulled from the inside, the outside handle just feels very stiff as if the child lock was on, but it is not???? Please help its a pain to deal with, with the kids. Thanks Everyone
When I start the car it will just spit and sputter it won't start. Could it be the timing is off?
I wan to see the marks/ thaks
i changed my water pump and when i was installing a bolt broke i had to drill the bolt out in the engine block now my car is making this loud noise help
has good fuel pressure and good compression
i just want to know how much it will cost me to get my valves adjusted profesionaly and i want to kno how much would it cost to get a mechanic to replace my timing belt
My ABS/ Brake warning light remains on all the time, Why?
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