1997 Mitsubishi Mirage Questions

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Where is the horn located under hood?
Someone cut my radio wires and im trying to put a radio in it
This started when it started snowing about 2 weeks ago. My brake light on my dash only turns on when my e-brake is engaged. But for the past two weeks from the moment I turn my car on to when I shut it completely down, the brake light is lit.
Driving on city streets This was the first time had this problem and now afraid to drive.
Car was running and stalled. Would not re~start.
Only 2 spark plugs out of 4 are firing
Checked has good spark and is getting fuel but won't start just turns over car shows signs of being in a field of mud
when your driving the car it drives normal but it shifts at 4000 rpms and idk whats wrong any pointers on how to fix???
so i have this tranny problem on my mirage. i got codes p0755 and p0765. so it says it's the underdrive solenoid and TCM failed. my ? is where are the solenoids located. and is this what is wrong.
I took it for a drive it worked fine. then when the car got warmed up, it started again. backing out of the drive way it shifts hard like the engine wants to jump out of the car. So do I need a new tranny.
I know the PCM/ECM could be a problem but am hoping for the cheaper alternate solution (sensor/relay). PREVIOUSLY, car had existing check engine light on since last year but no time to follow Midas's advice to remove intake and clean some emission port. CURRENT drove car to Arizona from California to recover RV only to have car die in the middle of the road with no power to mention but a fully charged battery. After 9days of ball busting mechanics on the RV God allowed me to return home with both vehicles.
my clutch is on the floor and can not shift.does anyone know the problem?
torque specs
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