1995 Mitsubishi Mirage Questions

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just came on again yesterday. it came on a few weeks ago but my neighbor re-set it. it runs good but revs high then low, when pushing on the gas kind of flutters then dies out on occasion. but recently i keep one foot on the gas and one on the brake to keep the engine from stalling. it doesnt always happen (stalling) and i am able to drive sometimes w/out the car feeling like its going to stall
My 'Mitzi' is a 1995 Mirage. It has only 77k miles on it (doesn't see much action does it? lol). About a week ago, it started making this terrible noise, I originally thought it was an exhaust leak near the front. However, my husband (who was a mechanic for years) took a good look one day and discovered the crankshaft is vibrating terribly. He researched it and found there might have been a recall regarding the crankshaft (apparently they tightened the crankshaft too tight at the plant). I have not been able to find any such recall. Can you help me??
someone told me that it could be the after market distributor
what would make my car bog down as i give it gas
I am regularly smelling a strong gas smell while driving. Runs rough after initially starting. Only gets 200 miles per tank - used to get over 300 all the time! Do I have a fuel leak? Whats the best way to pinpoint the problem? Appreciate useful insight.
I purchase this model car for 700dollars and the guy said it was a great car witha great motor. but when i got it oil was leaking out of the engine and it wont pick up speed no matter how much i push the gas. could it be the head gaskets? Do i need to give the car back.
drive side top engine motor mount rubber cracked and some came out and it vibrating. Can I replace this. I have a nice Sear floor jack. and jack stands.
Need some advice. I don't have a lot of tools but it only seems to have a few bolts. Does it just need the rubber part?
thanks for any help. I am not mechanic but I have always done what I can. retired person. will work for food ;)
it tries to start when i turn it over, but won't...HELP
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