1995 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Questions

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What i can do to solve this trouble?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When the motor is hot the problem appears
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
I've been missing my heater lately. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but I do like to avoid spending money, so I tried exploring the heater in my truck to see if I could get it working (I suppose it stopped working unknown to me over summer). First, I made sure I topped off my coolant levels (it was actually low). Then I took out the cd player and plastic around that area to see it there were any obvious unconnected wires (nothing my amateur eyes saw). Then I put a new fuse in, even though the other fuse didn't seem blown, it looked old. To my surprise the heater came on and I was proud to have a saved money and the embarrassment of just having to replace a fuse. It worked all that night. The next day it didn't work, so I swapped the fuse out again (still not blown) and it worked. The next day, same thing, but this time it didn't come on with a fresh fuse. Any thoughts on what the problem might be? Thanks.
ign sw, and head.what is the name of this fusible link box. The ignition link burned in two and I fashioned another and it did the same, but 1 year later. It would not do it again so I joined all the wires together and had one incident where a wire under dash got too hot. I cannot find this part anywhere and nobody has a clue either.
Turn on ignition
My maint. required light came on at 120,000 miles. How do I reset it?
I'm getting a little smoke on start up, it clears after the engine is running for a minute. I'm using about 1 qt. of oil every 2 weeks, and I'm putting 85 miles per day on it. The truck and engine only has 117,000 miles on it.
not that often every now and then the words (main request) comes on or lights on
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