1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Questions

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changing the valve cover gasket now, and sealing the timing belt cover back with some rtv. Ticking was loud all the time but would change up as if it was a bearing issue in the transmission. still trying to pin point
Have a 1994 2.4 L Mitsubishi Mighty Max. All of a sudden the oil gauge was not reading any pressure. Replaced oil pressure sending unit. Now when the ignition switch is turned on (engine not running) the gauge immediately pegs out on high and slowing returns to no pressure. Code reader shows no electrical problems. Do bad analog gauges act this way?
Indeed, after feeling the relay close, and listening at the filler, I can hear the pump running, but none in the high pressure line at the injectors. So next, try & check return line at injector area, then crawling under and checking hoses & connections, which fortunately are on the sides of the tank.
Any suggestions are more than welcome, indeed, hoped for.
Thanks, Tom
The speedometer/odometer has been inoperable for quite some time now. (Have been using a GPS to judge speed.) However, Johnny Law said its time to fix the speedometer due to a speeding ticket. Here is the issue, 1.) With the instrument cluster removed and using a drill inserted into the hole for the cable the speedometer/odometer register as it should. 2.) With the cable removed from both the instrument cluster and the speedometer disconnect (which i will elaborate on shortly) I can verify the cable moves freely and is in fact in one piece. Now, the speedometer disconnect I speak of is some sort of an electromagnet. One end threads into the transmission and the cable threads into the other. On the transmission side there is a small diameter shaft with approx. 1/4 inch of spline near the center.On the cable side it has the appropriate hole for the end of the cable. It has a sticker which reads (Speedometer Disconnect) and 12VDC only, as well as 2 very small diameter wires (around 22ga.) One of these wires was disconnected and after verifying which wire was ground and power with an Ohm meter, I replaced both wires in their entirety and attached one to a clean ground and the other to switch 12VDC. When energized the interior sleeve of this disconnect moves approx. 1/4 inch. I also checked for short to ground within the unit itself while disconnected and checked out good. The problem lies in not being able to locate this part anywhere, (local dealer, auto parts chains, online, anywhere!) Factory manual does not even acknowledge this parts existence. I had them look for parts called, Speedometer Disconnect, VSS, Output shaft sensor, speedometer gear driven set, etc. The gauge itself and cable are readily available, but with the cable hooked up to the gauge and using a drill to operate cable at the transmission end of cable, it will register on the dash. So, I guess my question is can anyone locate this part and describe its function? Is there an alternative method to possibly hook up the existing cable directly to the speedometer gears, and bypass this mystery part all together? New tail shaft with updated gear drive/cable assembly? Thank you in advance for your help.
I must be doing something wrong I cant remove the nut
replaced coil and distributor cap and rotor. still wont get spark to the plugs
Truck has 175,000 miles, burns oil but runs good. Every so often the starter and flywheel do not engage properly. Think I am missing a tooth on the flywheel.
I bought a truck and the O2 sensor wires were cut and im trying to find where the plug is so i can replace the sensor with a new sensor and plug... Thank you
New starter put in n still nothing
Where is the maintenance required light switch located
clutch is out
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