1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Questions

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The battery will crank, there is no click sound, can't get it to flood. Sounds like it is fuel related. So I believe all you have is fuel filter, fuel pump, or a fuse? So what do you think and where would I find these things?
took to mechanic he said the fuel pump so I had it replaced problem still stands he found peace of metal from bottom of oil cap in engine an other Lil peace couldn't be identifyed from wher it came from.
He said replace seals ,pressure going to oil pan ,white smoke happening off an on .any help please.
I need some info as soon as possible...Broke when I mashed clutch in .. on the left side of bell housing ..
diagnosis gives a 24 code
but still wont start
Had a rebuilt engine put in, then had lifter noise. New head and lifters done, still has lifter noise. Has anyone experienced this?
where dose the signal to inject fuel into the cylinder originate from I think it comes from the distribitor I just cant find a manual in any store and my hair is thining without this help!
i have replaced all the ignition equipment and haave searcherd all the wiring schematic done all the trouble trees and the only part i can not find is the diode relay which is in the circuit.
dude my battery is new, then after i use my mghty max take her for a spin, after i shut off the engine then i start it again it wont start, sounds like the batt is drain and the engine cranks very slowly, sometimes it wont start,would it be possible the alternator is bad or something else is wrong? pls do ans my question thnks dudes
I'm replacing the Timing Belt in my truck. I have the front cover off ond the broken timing belt removed. What are the next steps I need to take? I know I have to line the timing marks up, but I'm not sure what they line up to.Can you help?
I would like to known what the spark plug gap setting isfor a 1991 mitsubishi might max pickup with a2.4L engine.
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