1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Questions

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Can an average guy replace them his self?
when accelerating sputters and hesitates when shifting, Dies at stop lights
It is a stick
it always starts with compression. If I wait a couple of minutes or sometimes just try again it starts up. It's like it is dead. Any guesses?
All of a sudden when I cranked my Mighty Max up one day, it sounded strange. When I put it into drive (auto transmission) it started roaring before it would finally shift. It did this in every gear. After the first couple of miles it would not move at all, except barely in reverse. Soon it stopped and wouldn't move at all. Had to call a friend to tow me back home. He said it sounded like the pump that pumps transmission fluid thru the transmission was going or gone. I have never heard of this problem, but I don't know a lot about transmissions.
lighter was working, but not now
We are told there is one person in America that makes new ones...
The repair cost with parts is $2000.00
I see gasket job is $600-900, so a new head costs $1200????
Replaced distributor thought it was cam or crank sensor replaced ecu when it doesn't start it is not getting a spark if you keep clicking the ignition eventually it usually will start thanks for any advise don't know what else to do
1st hint of trouble - truck took a few more seconds of cranking before it started after work.
2nd hint of trouble - same the next day.
3rd strike out - engine cranks but will not start.
Mechanic says the ECM is not sending a signal to the fuel pump or the injectors.
so the truck wont start if it sits and cools off but if i use eather then it will start and run just fine but if i shut it off and start it up right away it will start i need help thanks
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