2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Recalls

RepairPal provides easy-to-read analysis of 2 official 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer recalls. Find out if your 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer needs service due to a recalled defect and learn how to fix it.

RepairPal Expert Overview on April 20, 2015

The blower fan for the heating and air conditioning system may stop working. This may cause windows to fog up and reduce visibility, causing a safety risk.

Mitsubishi will notify owners of affected vehicles (a notification timeline has not been released as of this writing). If your fan inside the car stops working, or you don't receive notification and you feel you should have, please contact your dealer. It’s helpful to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) handy when you call. The Mitsubishi recall number is SR-15-003.

RepairPal Expert Overview on September 12, 2014

The pulleys that drive the alternator, cooling fan and power steering pump as mounted on the engine may wear, causing the belt to come off. This can make steering more difficult and discharge the battery, resulting in the engine stalling.

Mitsubishi notified owners of affected vehicles starting in October 2014. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them. The Mitsubishi recall number is SR-14-009.