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when the car gets warm, driving it hard or also after about an hour of driving it devopls a pound whining coming from then engine any idea what it could be? my guess it's coolent pump but have had time to replace it
Diagnostic code P0442 what does it refer to?
this happens in the morning after running for 10 min or less, then suddenly the stalling starts. the engine runs smoothly when it is not rev up.
When you rev the engine it stalls and when you stop reving the engine shuts.
The stalling is like, there seems to be a mixture of water in the fuel, the fuel is not burning properly.
The stalling disappears after reving for a few minuites and runs like nothing happened.
My car over heated when I was going some where and then when I got him and checked my filter had oil on it , a lot
Abs and svc engine lights came on at same time. Had codes read and came back as low/reverse shift solenoid malfunction. (P1773) how can i tell if the problem is in the wiring(where would i begin?) or the solenoid itself? Should i be concerned about driving while this issue hasnt been addressed?
Is this an easy fix with a part? maybe a fuse going out? money is tight. Please help.
Check the fuses they are all fuses,
Ckeck the alternativer, its good
When we started the car it will charge the battery
They cannot get an error code. They said it could be something in the wiring but would hv to take apart my dash at 120$ an hr and that still might not be it. At an idle it shutters and in neutral it does not. Had to have it towed home because no one can help! And started when it got home! Too scared to drive it cause i cant get stuck somewhere! ! Any help is soooooo appreciated! ! Oh...and they said canbus B is not communicating...
My car is reeving really high when I start it. It seems to be ok once I get going but drops a little low if I stop at lights. My radio keeps going off but then comes back on again. When I turned my car lights on at night the radio cuts out but then comes back on
My car aint up for serving yet
i will have to let them check the tires,
the night it vibrate a lot when the ac on
i change the front wheel bearing and the front brakes but it is still rumbling underneath it when i am driving
i just need to know where the fuses ,relays and resistiros are located on the vhicle its self \
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