2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Questions

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The Fosgate media/navigation radio will cut out after two minutes. No sound. Tried everything.
But will come back on if I turn the engine off then on but again for only a few minutes. Anyone know why??
So about 4 months ago my A.C. stopped blowing cold air. We put coolant and no luck, and it didn't leak either. Now, if I turn on the A.C. the battery light will turn on and the car turns off. Any suggestions on what could be wrong ?
every once in a while car throws p0171 to lean bank 1 doesnt stay on more then a day ...... roughly 66,000 miles ,, help please !!
It's an older model so I don't know if it's worth paying extra for Plus or Premium
When transporting large items or lots of groceries, I would like to be able to lower the back seats
How can I use cruise control for when I'm driving on high ways?
I bought my Mitsubishi Lancer in 2012 with very few miles on it. It was in perfect condition, even with white interior there wasn't a spot. Since then it has been wrecked twice occurring in the same manor. Traveling down the highway at an average of 45-55mph when you need to stop suddenly they lock up and you only end up sliding. At first I thought this was just a close call and a freak accident. The second time I was not driving but I was in the car. It did the same thing we needed to brake suddenly due to a car cutting us off and we only slowed down and slide forward. I've had it looked at and I've been told by several mechanics that there has to be a problem with the brakes because they are locking up at the first sign of hard braking.
Rear brakes..the calipers which are working fine, and fitted new pads
hi, I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. The rear right caliper is sticking occasionally and then it will sometimes release. I can tell when it's sticking because my mpg goes down to 25 and when it's not its around 31. The caliper is new and replaced and is working fine. The lower brake hose has also been replaced. Someone mentioned the abs block and also maybe a proportioning valve (which I don't think it has) The abs light is not lit up on the dash.
can you help please
i change oil and filter but the oil indicator still lighting.
My husband replaced the a/c blower motor, now it runs constantly and at the same speed, regardless of switch position.

Also, we had to replace the radiator and condenser; is the radiator fan supposed to run continuously or come on when needed?
any help please as car has very little power.
car is 2.0 di-d
ac staying cold for about 5 min. when hot outside
the heater not working although of the hosing are connecting and the cooling system is working too
when i replace the wheel bearing the ABS light active
please help me
the blower motor does work if I hook it up to a 12 volt source. the clutches are working
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