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i turn on the car i forgot i unhook the battery so i went to hook up the battery-- i hook up the positive first then when i tryed to hook up the negative i heard this clicking noise so i stop then i tryed again heard the noise again and stop--then i remember my car was on i turn it off then hook up the battery but when i went to start the car up i noticed the clock time was wrong in the clock got dimmer when i tryed to start it, i could tell it would start but i didnt start it.... do you think I damage anything?????
I go out every morning to start my car and warm it up. But when I come back outside to leave the key is still on but the car is shut off? Why is that? It does it evey morning
There is no skid plate happens only once in awhile almost sounds at times like wind going through plastic
I can manually lock and unlock the doors by either flipping the lock on each door or I can unlock all the doors using the key in the driver side door but both the passenger and driver side interior door lock switches quit working at the exact same time. What causes this and how can I fix it?
When driving the car runs good but when slowing down the rpm reach 1 the battery an break light come on on the dash but battery an alternator or brand new
Is it the PCM?
Car was running but would be hard to start sometimes when it got hot.Pulled codes for a bad crank and cam sensor. Replaced both sensors. Car would not start at all, pulled codes again and it said the new camshaft sensor was bad. I put the old cam sensor back in and car starts but is running on two cylinders. The coil pack that is not firing is very hot and there is no spark. I'm now getting a bad camshaft code reading.
My 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer recently had A LOT of work done. My timing belt broke two times, and was replaced both times before the camshaft head assembly completely broke. I had to buy a new camshaft head assembly, as well as having it completely resurfaced with new valves, new spark plugs, new camshaft position sensor, etc.

My mechanic put the whole thing back together today, and the car still wouldn't start. He ran a diagnostic and it was saying that it wouldn't start because there was a malfunction with the camshaft position sensor and the crank position sensor. He's not sure what to do (and neither am I, not being a mechanic myself), and now I'm looking at another couple hundred dollars just to take it to a dealership to have them look at it. I've already spent over two thousand dollars on this repair, and I would really like to avoid having to go to a dealership if it's something my mechanic can fix for a lot less.

Can anyone give me some ideas on what can fix this problem?

Just looking for some insight.
I have a 2004 lancer. It has been randomly turning off when I come to a stop sign or light. My dash battery light, SRS light, oil light and emergency break light all go on.
I can restart it fine and it may or may not happen again.
This continues for about a week... And then disappears only to come back again randomly.
My car has also been Revving to 3 RPM's when started.

I will happily get it fixed just want to be knowledgable as to what it could possibly be so I don't get taken for all I'm worth when I bring it in.

Thanks jn advance
I encountered this well known fan issue and need to change it with a new one, but I don't know where it is. Any scheme or picture would be helpful
Also y temp gauge and it smell of exhaust in the car
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