2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Questions

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I just bought this car and didn't see the cluster of wires under the dash. A wiring diagram for the SES light would help. There's other things that don't work like the door buzzer and the lights for the shifter and the anti theft light. But they're not really important. I need to fix the SES so it can pass NY inspection. It failed inspection..... MIL COMMANDED Failure and cylinder 4 misfire that I'm hoping is just plugs,wires etc..
car runs fine turn headlights on or radio you can drive it a while and the car will die
It happens every time I drive over uneven or dips in the road, I have no vibration in wheel when driving on smooth roads.
Stoped the AC doesn't work properly and is charged ,where is the fan controlled temp sense if there is one
It just started this out of the blue. Feels like its missing on 1 or more cylinders.
Air conditioning works well most of the time, but shuts off at high RPMs
My fuse keeps popping for my ecu under the hood. I have replaced it 4 times and keeps blowing. I tracked the wires to make sure it is a complete circuit and it is. any thoughts would be helpful.
if it does run with it cause a random misfire and causes the transmission not to shift right
After driving 500 mules, warm up Catalyst & EGR Monitors not ready. Trying to figure out right cause. Cooling fan stays on with ignition, during driving & a few seconds after I stop the car. I disconnected noisy AC fan.I don't want it. Changed battery 6 months a go. Last time it was same situation and was not ready on both same monitors & after changing one Oxygen censor check engine light was gone and it passed the smog test. This time, I am wondering what should be fixed first. confused. Two months a go, there was a check engine light & it was gone by it self. There is no light now, Car runs excellent & perfect. Very confused....Thanks for your time.
I don't know which 12 mm bolts to be removed to remove slave cylinder
replace slave cylinder . which 12mm bolts to be removed
My car is making noise & dying out in park & drive. I took it to Auto Zone & the only code that read was the spark plugs so I had those changed & the coils & going to get an oil change today. What else could be causing this problem?
After the car is off for a while , it starts cooling again when car is restarted.
I just started before I replaced 2 tires. It has never done this before. Please notify me ASAP?
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