2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Questions

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While trying to bleed clutch I’m unable to get any fluid to move down from reservoir to slave cylinder. Also no clutch pressure.
Check engine light stays on computer states p0456
It's a lancer 2002
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing light stays on
How long have you had this problem? About a month
First my AC was leaking into my passenger side and it was wetting my carpet on the passenger side really bad, left a puddle behind the passenger seat. It would leak only when I turned left or go left. My AC worked perfect with all that, Slowly my AC went completely out and nothing was working. My uncle said it was the blower because everything else was working and because nothing was blowing and because it had got wet, he checked the fueses and connection and it worked so we dryed the motor on the blower and then it worked again. But my AC kept leaking and now my AC went out again. Since the AC Stopped working the water finally had stopped leaking, everything dried and now my blower goes on but doesn't blow anything. I have to get lucky for AC to kick and it'll only go for about 2 min fast or 30sec Really low. Idk if it's anything else?? Please help!!
I lost my key and I need the ignition out
3 days ago driving almost an hour away battery n break light came on in dash when i break or press gas. 10 miles later i broke down. car just died. got it to a friends house and figure :it was my altanator so i got a used one. now when i jump start the battery it shuts right off within 2 seconds of removing the jumper cables. fuel pump seem good. replaced valve cover gasket since it needed it. but i cant seem to figure out whats keeping my car from stayin on when i get it started. is it a relay or battery? please help. been stuck at a friends house for over 3 days
i bought a used altanator 3 days ago cuz my car was nt speeding up right in the hwy on my way to gwinnett from acworth. but i jump start the car and it stays on as long as i keep jumper cables on. as soon as i remove them the car just shuts off. even if i start pressing the gas petal it shuts off. i dont know if its my battery or if it has to do with gas or electrical. all i know is when i remove jumper cables the lights on the dash get dim then it just wont cut on anymore after a few seconds. checked my fuel pump but is working fine. can someone please help me? i been stuck in gwinnett county for the last 3 days . going on my fourth.
After I was driving I got on my car while I was off set on the hood and noticed that it was really really hot I open the hood and looked down and noticed that it's hot in the area of my radiator. I've been turned on my car and noticed that the two fans attached to the backside of the radiator were not spinning. I turn the car off and then turned it back on the fans began to spin but after about 30 to 45 seconds they went to a complete halt. Please help.
It still says a sensor is bad, but it has been replaced. What is wrong? It also says possible update software (how do I do that?) or computer malfunction (how can I fix that?)
My car has spark and cranks and cranks but no start
My heater control knob has been broken off for some time I learned to manually move under the steering column. I have it all the way turned to hot but after It doesn't get hot air just lukewarm. Is it the thermastate? or any other ideas?
When I shut my car off, my fan stays running unless I turn the fan too the off position. Wondering what would cause this problem. Thanks
Checked spark, got spark on 4 cylinders, compression at 210 psi. Don't know what to check next
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