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I'm trying to install an aux cable to my mitsubishi galant 2008. I recently learned that holding down the CD button is a good way to check if your car is aux capable. I did that but nothing came up, can i install a new radio that is aux capable? or is my car in general not capable?

I checked the box and i saw that the pin all the way at the corner was 10 pin connector.

Thank you
when my car is turned off the running lights come on also the blower stays on at times when the car is turned off
3.8L V6 6cyl engine. Replaced with a clean used one. All parts and wires put back. The starter is good. However, although the starting sound is ok, it wont start?! Why? What should I do, please?
Why am I replacing brakes every year?
It started and was backing up & it just died. Radio works, lights but it won't start. It's like it's trying but it won't start. Almost like it's not getting any gas. Was thinking it may be the fuel filter. Could there be any kind of sensors that could be causing this. And where is the fuel pump located at on a 2008 Mitsubutshi Galant? Thank u
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