2007 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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Question about how engine cover attaches to motor?
After she's warm up in a couple of of minutes she's fine what could be b the cause of this?
The srs light came on also the aini lock light then car started making noise then I turned car off now it won't turn back on what's wrong wit it?
Then when I turned off car now it won't turn back on
Tail light keeps going out and need to replace the wiring harness
no fuel no spark before the timing had went out and was changed it had made a funny rattling noise when taking off the tow truckat that point it will not start up again could this be the anti-theft PCM or one of the fuel relays / ECU
drier and expansion valve and recharging system
I've been wanting to change it but I'm having trouble finding it. It's not directly under the vehicle so I think it might be behind the panel of the driver side. I have no idea where it is or how to get to it
problem has been about three day replace mass air flow sensor code p2100 show on monitor
i was cruising down the highway with my cruise control on and it just jerked so i pulled over and shut off my car. i checked it out an didnt find no leaks or anything broke. when i sarted it back up and put it in drive my "N" light started flashing and my take off was slow. i drove it to 50mph and notice that it wasnt shifting to 4th

"help me out, please!"
I also have an amp and woofers hooked up could that be cause the problem.
The car is an automatic. Do you think it's a sensor or a transmission problem?
Belt and pulleys have been changed. I am complaining about it. My husband says that he has done everything that he can and does not know what to do. He says when it rains thee belt gets wet and does not have time to dry out that is why it is squealing. I am very frustrated about this... Plz help?
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