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Tengo liquen por el tapón no tienen rosca gracias

Everytime I get in my car & start it "communication error" is across display, won't show me what radio station is playing, but it'll show me the other options I have for the radio settings, somebody please help just bought the car yesterday!

I had alternator & battery replaced 72hrs ago. Since I've had that done my car vibrates (shakes) when I turn on air conditioning or heater. It's every time I turn it on also. I was told by a shade tree mechanic it could be spark plugs, I was told by another I need to clean throttled body & air filter. I had a tune up about 9months ago, so I'm leery on it being dirty.

My car was shaking and it cut off on me and would not start so I got is tuned up and it runs but every time the car brakes it shakes even when u turn it on it shakes what could it be?

Checked and replaced timming belt, there was no problem with the old belt. all the timming marks were aligned right. Still have low compression 90# to 50# Motor ran perfectly smooth when i last turned it off. still turns over but wont start. Plug look fine all rockers go up and down. Never overheated. HELP

Have an obdII diagnostic tool and it says that all four of my o2 sensors have failed. Service engine light is on. Is there a central point where there may be a bad connection?

Bought car about 4 months ago,no problems,love the car,a week ago I got in it and it would NOT start.breifly leading to this day.The key givem to me does not have a case,so its the remote "attached"to the key,I was told to never seperate the remote and key, never have,so.......the" remote" did seperate after I dropped it,like you would take a part to change attached a peice of wire to keep together.NEXT MORNING "BAM" No start,checked starter..BAD,as my son was taking it out,"he and his girlfriend know not to leave the key in the car or it will lock"what happends?Friggin A,so....I have to call the police to unlock it,45 min later BAM....In car.Cop never seen such thick weather stripping,lol.Now new starter in"NOTHING",had to change the battery,upgraded ;), Im hot....ok,crank sensor,BAM... NOTHING,Sent my son to get a new cam sensor,please lord work.... If not good...Could I have done something to the key?Maybe needs to be reprogramed?All I find online is to program locks and suck,witch all still work...No little key light up on dash for theft or whatever its for.Car acts like its ready and willing to start,but is a bust.Single mom, neck surgery because of ex,mother stage 4,I dont have the money to have a shop or dealer look at it,oh and because the battery was disconected,NO codes are showing.Please any help would just make my day.Ready to lose it,I need car to take mom to chemo.TY