2005 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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Why is my ac not cooling but heating?
2005 mitsubisi gallant 2.4 liter car starts and runs fine till put in gear stops runniing as soon as put in gear put it back in neutral and starts back up put it in gear stops running transmission is free rolls no problem. Is it the gear range sensor as i unplugged it and starter wont crank
it comes on when the engine is started and stays on.what does it mean and can i get it to change or turn off ?
The floor is wet and I'm always putting in antifreeze every other day
There is no leaks and the car is not running hot. It is just blowing cold air
Is there a recall for this problem for my car
every min sound come
Could it be the camshaft or crankshaft position sensor?
Car not running when put on computer check it say OC1 oxinator and Alternator not working.
For some reason, most times that I accelerate and when my foot comes off of the accelerator, i can hear a slight ringing sound similar to the sound of an empty metal bowl. What could be causing this and how much would it cost te repair it (roughly)? Thanks!
I give it a few cranks and it will start. Change battery and it only happens sometimes.
I was told this job requires 4 hours of labor.
replaced the fuel pump but now it will not get fire and turn over ?gas is getting to the engine and plugs are firing but nothing???any advice?
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