2004 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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When I am accelerating at high rpms my car starts shuttering like I have pressure building in the catalytic converter has been changed because it was bad and now it's doing this . it's annoying and iDk what to check it a erg failure,a maf sensor? Please any ideas??

When I press on the gas,it feels like the engine is putting out the power but the tranny is holding it back.and it makes a winding/squeeling noise before changing gears...almost sounds like a lot of pressure being blown out from somewhere...but I can feel the car holding itself back kinda.

It only gets up to 40 mph it whines then the neutral light start flashing but it's in drive

In Fuse box melted down into the next fuse below 30 amp protective coating melted all the way down flat where the metal inside the fuse is now fully exposed can't take fuse out it's melted Into fuse box and fuse below is there a recall with that problem like to hear from you my cousins 04 had the same problem with his car before mine is there a recall thank you Simon.

How much would it cost to have V6 3.8 liter transmission for a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant installed?

the fuel pump want come on until ignition is engaging the motor the injectors want come on what would stop it from priming when ignition key turn on

Ithought the problem was solved then the light came back on after a day driving. Also rough start and go after stopping at traffic lights

Transfer Cable look okay at
And when I pressed brake pedal try to unlock

and it's not the belt. My car only has 63,000 miles on it and I have never heard of this problem. My car made a squealing noise for about 2 min. and then I can hardly turn. my car

air worked for 2 years and then it stopped had it fixed cost 1500.00 and it worked for 2 months and quit again. Anyone else have this problem? And how do I get it fixed?

What is going on on?

Has some noise like knocking

car was a rough start on a cold day unless I pumped the gas pedal. Finally while I was driving when I would slow down to a stop the car would vibrate, it got so bad it would shake unless I fed it gas. Took to check alt and voltage reg failed so I replaced it. Went to turn the engine and it didnt want to start. Once again I tried while pumping gas and it started for 30 seconds then it died. tried it again the next day and it wouldnt even turn over. tried again and it turned slow but wouldnt fire up. multi meter tested it nothing wrong with my starter or electrical, possibly the fuel pump or relay or the timing belt. would like to try and figure it out before i spend $150 on new fuel pump or 4 hours to get to the timing belt.