2003 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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The switch that cuts on my lights and and turn singel has been broken off can I fix it myself and how.
Just started
i have a 2003 galant. 130,000 miles on it. last changed plugs 5 yrs ago. i travel 300 miles a month. its a 6cyl. auto. doesnt burn or use oil. is it time to change the plugs again?
Replaced broken serpentine belt car started right up , came out an hour later,tried to start car nothing just tries to crank , wait a few minutes then it started, let run for 20 minutes , shut the car off , try to start wouldn't start again..idk...?
How much will cost me to change the front suspension of my 2003 Mitsubishi gallant ,?
When i tern the steering wheel full lock left our right it makes a griding noise only after I been driven for a while it dose it if the car is stop our moving how much to repair.
I drained my automatic transmission fluid, now I don't know how much fluid i need to put. Pls help.
This happens first time after disconnecting battery for stack horn on
Mitsubishi delarship replace some valve in excause system , then battery
Yesterday I disconnected battery to fix bad connection in ground connector
Now engine going off on low rpm
RPM fluctuations between 800-300 that engine goes off
Thank you so much
The ac works sometimes and when it does its cold then other times it blows hot air
could it be the transmission module
On. And sometimes car on stop sign and turns off
My lights began to flicker, then stop working. The power windows stopped working as well. This all happened when I tried changing the battery post myself.
Ok there is a plug right in front on manifold what is it called
Already changed speed sensor
My car did not pass inspection for several reasons the P0102 code for the MAF sensor which I replaced but the car ran worse put old one back on. But there was 4 readiness monitors incomplete too: EGR sys 02 sensor catalyst evap sys would that be because of my other problem above?
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