2002 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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Car was fine until this morning started making a sound as if something was lose.. Parked went to drive it started up perfectly fine and while drive it stopped I tried jumping it but still nothing everything went completely dead let it sit for a couple of hours tried jumping it again and still nothing. Any idea to what is wrong
I was driving down the road and the transmission gave won't go into drive or reverse it's like it's in neutral.
Battery went dead now transmission want want kick in the gears
Car still running hot after getting a intake gasket put on what could it be??
wife said it lost power then died now wontrun turns over but no start have spark and just put new fuel pump in and its workin plugs seemed dry when removed to check for soark again after fuel pump install tjmimg belt isnt broke and dont think it jumped time sold the car and thought it was fuel pump so installed it for them and still wont run any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
Has spark and new fuel pump and its workin dont have a way to check for injector fire unless use test light or dvom tryin to fix car cause I sold it thinkin it was fuel pump and still no start and at the time it died it blew the bottom rad hose off rad but filled it up and put hose back on and have spark now but no start need help asap thanks
Like said above got all the ingreadints for start up but smell like it flooding but won't start
Every time I disconnect the battery and hook back up or change it out the car won't start or runs very rough and dies. Is there a reset button or something I need to do to make it go back to normal before the battery was disconnected? Thanks,
Has 150,000 miles on it..
I replaced the cam sensor but it still stalls I don't know what the ohms are supposed to be and could the crank sensor be bad i need the ohms for it to please
I had a mechanic friend of mine check a line to see if it's plugged and he told me it was clear. However, he also told me that the line to drain went somewhere under the dashboard and is probably backing up to the driver's side. He told me this would be an expensive repair but didn't know how much it would be. This happens when we run the A/C on trips 1/2 hour or longer. On a road trip we can easily have a half inch of water on the floor on the drivers side. Short trips cause the carpet to get a little wet.
Maybe some kind of fuse or relay but the control head hvac speed settings knob doesn't light up like its not getting power or communication to run so I'm lost need help to diagnose problem farther thanks
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