2001 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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Change the throttle body fuel pump spark plugs distributor cap and crankshaft but it still want crank..
it is a 4 cyl
or just motor mounts its ls 3.0 4.3
I already started the car now its running rough
From a v6
I would like to know how do you remove the cable from under the dash. Do I have to remove the vents to access the mounting bolts?
My rpm stays up and transmission won't shift out could I have messaged some wires up or something when I put new radio in because the fluid is fine and it gets to run hot and my SRS light stays on now..
My Mitsubishi galant is automatic, it leaks and when I drive it, the engine stops running.There is also white smoke coming from under the hood. I bought this car used but there seems to be so many issues with it. I assume I have to change the water pump but is there anything else I can do to fix my car?
during the summer my floor got wet when i turn on the ac that was five months ok
It is like the car has short bursts of power loss. The radio is loud and you can't turn it down so it can't be used at all. The cutting out gets worse at higher speeds.
not sure where to spray carberator cleaner at so im needing help .. not use to working on a car or any car period but trying to fix it !
When the fuse gets blowed the car shuts off and the shortage has gotten so bad that it completely blows burns the fuse when ever I try to turn it on now.
The car was not accelerating and misfiring then one day it wouldn't start I replaced the camshaft sensor which did nothing also replaced the fuel pump and timing belt I was wondering if any has any advice at all would be great I've read it might be a computer issue, if so what should my next step be
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