2000 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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Had oil change and checked brake fluid 3 days before. No brake fluid leak, no light turned on before accident. What caused the brakes to fail. Added brake fluid the day after checked fluid in afternoon and it was low, but no fluid leak.
Car has 74,000 miles on it. Replaced battery 2 days ago and since there is a little orange light that is lit on speedometer next to 0mph when headlamps are on. Cannot find anything in owners manual or my Chilton repair book. I can take a picture if it helps but have not done so yet.

Ivan Rotkovitz
squeaky noise when starting up and goes away when drove for awhile.
okay so recently my spark completely went out due to whatever is causing my car to not stay on so i got it fixed but i am still having problems i have to drive my car using the gas and brake pedal at the same time or else it will shut off i have been told multiple things it is not altenator, fuel or battery i just replaced brand new also to see if that was the cause and also can not turn on ac without driving with both gas and brake pedal i am convinced it is a electrical problem because i had a flat tire front right side and knocked bumper and wires in that area down the car starts fine but will not stay on without driving with gas pedal staying pressed on PLEASE HELP
Car will not turn over unless I move wiring harness
I am broke down changed thermostat after flushed radiator. Re filled engine on smoke iyt if tail pipe
How to fix
loose of power lower hoser flow in bkock
The guy selling it says that it needs transmission locks to hold down the transmission. He says the car runs good and has had the problem for about 2 years. The transmission jumps but when he lets off the gas it stops. He says when you look at it with the hood up you can see the transmission moving, and his estimate to fix it was about $130. I've never heard of transmission locks?
I have replaced the brakes and rotors, tires are not worn. I would like to know if it could be cv joint? also replaced all motor mounts and transmission mount. It only shakes at 70 mph and when I brake.
It's been goin off and on, mostly on for years. I love this car!
They are hydrolic and was told non adjustable. Is therr anything i can put in my envine to quiet them down, its a 2003 galant
My car shakes erratically at low idle,have replaced motor mounts.What do you think the problem is?
My 2000 Mitsubishi gallant is having a lot of problems. Its making a loud noise, has trouble when accelerating, stutters on highway and sometimes idles at stops. The Air conditioning doesn't blow hard at all and it makes a louder noise when on. Whenever I start my car My radio/cd player wont play, no matter what I do(turning it off/0n, adjusting volume or switching stations) it still does nothing, anywhere from 5-45 minutes later it starts blasting music out of no where and then will randomly cut in and out.

I took it to O'reillys to test it and It came back with OBD2 codes P0170 and P0125.

What all is most likely wrong with my car?
What could be the cause?
What should I check for, what steps do I take?
What would be the cost for repairs or parts?

Thanks Bree
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