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engine suddenly stop while driving and need to restart again.
I need help trying to figure out what needs to be fixed. because when they gave me the code it come up with three things that could be wrong. How do you change an APP?
Also temperature gauge isn't working too, so I can't see what is the real temperature of the engine.

Thank you for response .

I tried to change coolant sensor, but it seems to be ok. Cold: 2kiloohm; Warm(about 40-50 Celcius 120 Farenheit) 1.2kiloohm; Hot about 190 Farenheit 0.4 kiloohm.
Also I tried to make short circuit in harness of temperature coolant sensor while ignition is on- nothing too, gauge wasn't working.

Finally I forgot to connect temp. sensor and harness, and tried to start up the engine :D Then I saw that engine is running on low RPM, about 500 RPM and fan was working :)

Thank you for helping :)
engine newly overhauled, installed new camshaft and crankshaft sensor, engine ecu was repaired and it start at first but shut down after a hundred meters drive.
Frame is rusted in rear can it be repaired
I need to try and get it fixed because it's very unsafe please help
is this the same as the air flow sensor
3000rpm if i turn off the engine for 1min and start it work good for half an hour what could be the problem
When I hit the button on the dash it lights up but no power to the grid. I checked with Mits and they can't ID the wiring/ fuse or location of the relay connection to the window itself. On my model there are NO visible connectors from the C pillar to the rear window grid, so I have no clue about where to start.

Had the radio replaced 6 months and also replaced the power antenna by so-called professionals. Both are not working properly and the installers will not fix the probs without more money. Now the defroster is toast! So do you think this is related? Again, I can't get Mitsubishi to find the information for my defroster! If anyone has the answer, then HIT ME UP!
only no2 fires after put no2 injector at no1 . one two and three start to fire but no4 misses. as the car warm up only no1 firing. .basically no1 inj was the only injector firing when it was at number2
Everything starts up well da only problem I have is ..y the belt keeps cutting of??
We just replaced the temperature sensor but the temp gauge still shoots up all the way to red and my engine light stays on since then.
my car runs good for 4 days then the batter goes dead. what kould be wrong with
new idle aircontrol motor. changed the hose to the EVAP solenoid and EGR solenoid. change spark plugs and wires, but it still idles irracticly when in park or neutral. took it to pete boys but all they say is it has vacuum leak. what do we do
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