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Just replaced Water Pump, Timing Belt, all serpentine belts and all 4 motor mounts, replaced plugs and wires.....original timing belt broke while driving ..... has interference engine but did not damage anything when it broke.
i think a relay is my issue but don't know name or location.
i was told master control module whichis located in center console, not sure on that the dash lights come on, ceiling light comes on and radio comes on and clock works
What seems to make the problem better or worse? market lights are on whether car is running or turned off. d
How long have you had this problem? just noticed in garage.
Can't reverse,nor accelerate, can't get power on a hill,its stops or move very slow,or stalls,when idle its makes noise and vibrates like wanting to stop,please help I have tried all I can guess,your response would be really appreciated .thanks
I've got spark.Changed fuel filter. No luck. Was driving along when car cut out. Tried to restart, fired but at low revs felt like it was hunting. Revved it to 2000rpm & higher & it seemed fine. As soon as I put it into gear ( automatic ) so it was under load started hunting again then stalled. Managed to do this a few times but now it just cranks over but does not fire. Any help appreciated. Cheers
I recently had the alternator and battery replaced on my car. while driving the car is running soley of the battery and the battery is not being charged. I was driving to the store last night and my speedometer and odometer needles dropped to 0 the SRS light came on and it very quickly just stopped working. I have checked the fuse and it appears to be ok I'm not sure what is causing this. No dummy lights are lit on the dash.
and what is the correct part number
Brake lights work, just no parking lights,dash, license plate illumination will not work.
check all the fuses inside and out .the car break lights work .the over head light works just the dash lights wont come on .. kinda at a stand still to why they wont come on.
Also my idle control or i think throtle body isn't working. when i start it most of the times, it wouldn't stay idled, this started before i damaged valves. where can i get the problem fixed for affordable price as well?
How do i fix my horn to work?
How do I find the code to turn off the air bag light ?
my alternator has been overcharging, causing my battery to be overcharged. Now my battery is dead so I'm not able to take the car to the shop. Can I get a jump or do I have to buy another battery?
There is smoke and rotten egg smell coming from my battery. I just replaced the battery 3 months ago. The smell started 3 days ago and its overwhelming. When I opened the hood the battery was overheated
my 96 galant wont start. i have spark n i have fuel getting to the fuel rail but none of the injectors are spraying any fuel out.i dont think all the injectors broke at the same time so i was hoping some one has the solution
what type atf do i use
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