1993 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Questions

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When the engine is cold the starer sometimes works ( 1.8 engine ) but is getting worst. sometimes I try for 10 minutes until finalize works...and works 1 or 2 times and then doesn't work sometimes I try for few minutes until suddenly works 1 time only. maybe is the "relay". I replaced the starer 3 years ago. Iam glad is standar trans. so sometimes I have to push it and jump in and star the engine with second gear. sometimes the starer works few times with no problem but must of the time I have t try to star the car for several minutes. the ignition key is ok because I hear a "click" inside the dashboard NOT from the starer.
Id like to know how likely it is that this fuel filter can be cleaned off and spared. Or bite the bullet and get the new part. My engine sounds great, but it idles out while driving and shuts off during operation or reverse. If I pump the fuel it creeps & jerks back up to speed. It's time for fixing.
All is for 1993 Mitsu Expo LRV, auto. I want to swap a 2.4 engine into my 1.8 Expo LRV. Same year. Mounts seem to be the same. Will transmission bolt up ??
i ran out of gas and then the battery ran down while trying to start it. now it spins but no combustion at all. what can i do? checked the fuel pump and filter but they were fxning. tested plug, no spark at all, i think antitheft my have crippled my car. never used an alarm and had it running perfectly for over a year w no problems starting. i also want to find diagnostic codes but i'm afraid to do anything till it's started
they changed the speed sensor on my car and now it doesnt want to start, it sounds like the gas isn't passing what can it be?
installing timing belt
my rear tire is tilted in at top so bad it is rubbing the strut how do i fix this
Car stalls while driving it
Does the throttle repair sensor have another name in the Repair Pal list of choices?
Rear door lock is in the locked position & I can't get it unlocked?
replaced idle motor, distributor, plugs, now running ok except idle is shaky. three repairs were caused by car stalling in driving and not starting again. cranks but no start. each repair got it started, but what is really wrong. not sure it is really fixed.
I own a 1993 and having difficulty with my battery going dead with the charge light on in the car. I've checked the alternator and it is in good shape. the connections are good to the battery and all else seems to be ok. I cannot figure this one out. also, when I put the car into park after driving it, the idle will go up and down.
My car has over 316,000 and I have been using the high mileage oil. Is it ok to occasionally use the regular oil?
Last Saturday I just replaced the distributor, recently a new distributor cap, spark plugs and today a new battery. The car just stopped while I was driving and long story short...I was told to get new distributor. Since that it has been running hard (vibrating) and hard to start. This morning it didn't start at all so I got the new battery. The day before I filled up almost full with gas and today it is almost empty and I haven't driven anywhere except to and from work. Could it be losing gas now? and if so, how and what need to be done to correct this? I also smell a funny smell which was after the repair. Thanks
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