1994 Mitsubishi Expo Questions

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Trying to tuneup a 1994 Mitsubishi Expo & it says that " Before U Start, Ground The Ignition Timing Terminal". So I have two wires to choose from & I don't know witch one it is.
Thanks for the help on this matter.
It never goes down to first gear. Running in second and third gears.
This is a used car I purchased and it drives ok, except that it feels like the transmission won't shift gears. The transaxle fluid is very dark (black)and has a very small leak. Do I need to rebuild the transmission/; and if so, can I get a ballpark figure? I have a 1993 which runs excellent; reason for which I bought this one. A local shop, Castro Automotive, recommended that I get rid of this chariot. Should I?
I need some help!!! much should it cost to replace a fuel line or hose? I have a small leak from the rubber hose leading to the gas tank and should I remove my gas before taking it in for repair?
thanks, g
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