2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor Questions

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It is an automatic and I can not take the key out of the ingenion?
my key will not come out of the ignition, and is stuck on ACC
Sounded like rear window regulator busted when putting up the rear window. Can't figure how to remove the rear door panel.
did have a traction control light coming on before this. approx. 140,000 miles. first work of any kind on vehicle. all literature I am able to get is limited info.
checked voltage. red 12.9. grn/yel 4.9. grd good on brn. cranked engine, volts fluctuate on signal wire. code reader shows 130 rpm crank speed.which wire is "A" circuit?notsure where to go from here. PCM? was told they don't fail. car was driven in
the window won't roll up or down from the main switch on drivers side for that window. put in new switch and power window regulator and motor assembly. still only rolls down, not
My 2008 Endeavor has a noisy suspension with a lot of thump and noise into the cabin. Is this normal for this vehicle or is there something wrong I need to take care of? There also appears to be something loose that rattles along with the thump, possibly exhaust or heat shield? When inspected there was no indication of anything loose.
where is it located
suv is in need of spark plugs but 350$ i know theirs some minor engine components to remove how hard is it
When the air is off the car dies
But again, the tires were not removed. Is this possible to the point of being able to see wear on pads and rotors?
A dealer recently they performed the brake system flush, but they did not remove the tires. Is that possible?
i looked at my engine and was wondering how do they do the back three spark plugs it looks like you have to remove the black air intake manafold
What causes the air conditioner to have excessive leaves in the air conditioner to make it spill water into the cabin of
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