2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor Questions

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I have a 2007 Mitsubishi endeavor I was quoted 2500.00 for engine and labor my truck has 148000. miles is this a good deal
changed the battery and the starter and when u turn the key nothing there is power inside the car but it don't do anything just a click and nothing
My driver side floor is soaked with fluid daily after I run my A/C. It's not sweet smelling like freon or green. It's pretty much clear (my floor boards are black) and odor-less. I'm thinking it's A/C drain hose. Anyone else ran into this issue or have a solution?
Plus the floor heat won't blow & the a/c blows warm
All power windows and locks only work from time to time. Not able to use keyless entry to lock or unlock doors. While driver side door is open the noise of the locks clicking can be heard but doors are NOT locking and unlocking at this time.
Just got timing belt changed and tune up at Dealership
truck was running fine today and then my friend took it out and we live in Kentucky and he said as soon as he put regular gas in it the the tcl light came on and it started running rough so im trying to figure whatn the problem may be. and he ran it till the gas light came on without refueling it//
Car has 52K. Took to local respected shop for tune-up and check Service Engine light. Car running a little rough at start up only and missing. They state car does not need tune-up till 100K and Catalytic needs replacing but can get replaced by Dealer under 80K Warranty. So took to Dealer, they say needs plugs and wires and have to drop the manifold to install. A cylinder is not firing well and causing leakage into Catalytic. Wants $500 for tune-up before replacing Catalytic. I don't trust the Dealer. Expert advise anyone? Thank you
Sunroof the back of it drops down and the front stays up. It doesnt seal properly. If tried adjusting the screws they wont stay in. I googled it it says I need new screws that are longer and a spacer. But I cant find them anywhere. Water is getting in and ruining my interior. Im worries its gonna ruin my electrical components. Please help
I have blown a fuse under the hood for the radio due to a radio amplifier.. I replaced the 15a fuse that was blown but the a/c was the only thing that didn't come back on
My engine lamp appears orange when I start the ignition, then when driving about 5 minutes pushing the accelerator the cars movement becomes shaky on the steering wheel and sometimes unable to excel when accelerator is pushed. Wot does this mean????
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