2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor Questions

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this has never happen before. Will not shift into park and cannot take the key out.
The light is located on the instrument panel. It is red comes and goes but mostly on all of the time is this an important issue or can it wait til I notice something serious...anything on is serious to me....please help.
They also said they have a brick underneath the tire so it doesn't move what could be wrong with it and roughly how much would it be to get fixed
I have this Endeavor, its a fantastic vehicle and now experiencing some road noise. How do you check the wheel assemblies or what could the problem be ?
no lights ,no horn . nothing. gauges flicker a lil bittried changing out ignition switch. nada. at a loss have power but no distrubition of it????. started happening a lil at a time locks wouldnt work lights wierd...gauges flickering. all this after timing belt change. should have nothing to do with tgis. at a total loss
The problem is on the dashboard next to the digital clock a "red key" warning light can you tell us what it means and how to correct it.
My floor on the driver side only is so wet, the water almost comes over my fingers when i lay my hand flat on the rug . What is causing this and is the problem on any recall?
my 2006 ME does not change speed, I think may it has some electrical transmission problem or sensor. i need help from someone who knows.
It does it like inching up at a traffic light, or in my driveway, meaning, breaking at a very slow speed. Other than that, it breaks fine!
that what has to be done
Just started yesterday morning when I noticed the SRS light is steady on for the duration of the trip.(a short errand about 20 minutes).
Same thing happened today.
Please advise. Thanks
I got my 2006 endeavor with 21,000 miles on it in January of 2007.It performed well except it consumed more fuel than the 21miles/gal as stated. So we relied more `on our Mirage for run errand locally. We use the Endeavor for long drive. It got 88,800 miles on it and maintained the regular service of oil change and once brake pads replacement on the rear wheels. This will be the first tune-up since It was purchased. I also used gas additives to improve mileage but only helped a little. Maybe a better sparkplug can improve the mileage.I will highly appreciate your professional advice regarding this matter.
Using the same wiring harness from 06.
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