2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor Questions

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I was at red turn green, I proceeded to accelerate that's when I heard a clunking i couldn't go forward or reverse or parked; it will only rolled back. So I had to hold the brake til an tow truck to arrived... please help
I would drive a little distance and the engine does. Restart it. Drive a little distance and it just keeps shutting down while im driving and the feul and battery indicators keep displaying on the dash board.
My car is hard to start after refueling. Doesn't matter if I fill it up or just a few gallons.

It will take a few tries for me to get it fully started. I do hear a few seconds of rr rrr rrr and then the car just dies(?) I will have to re-do this several times or like today, I pushed the key to the max and made the rr rrr rrr noise lasted a few seconds longer and the car finally started.

No check engine light is on. Though there's a PENDING P0455 Gross leak code.

The mechanic changed the purge valve and the problem still persists
also when driving at slow speeds when i take my foot off the gas to coast the truck feels like it wants to completely slow down, its loosing power.
I have just ordered a new car stereo that hasn't arrived yet. I'm curious of what a few outlets on the back do though. The video outputs, left and right audio outputs, and the CVBS input. I want to ensure when i do hook up my new stereo that i do so correctly the first time so some assistance in understanding these parts would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you
it starts up fine idles fine but when you go to shift into gear it kicks a little bit and dies out again does the same when you shift into any gear any suggestions as to what it might be?
unable to shift into park from reverse. this happens on most visible linkage problem
Replaced 30a fuse also. Ideas on what it could be?
Doesn't matter what gas station I use, has gotten progressively worse.
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