2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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The car was cutting out itermittently and got progressively worse until it would not accellerate at all. But it still idled fine.what else could it be?
my lighter plug will not work for a lighter, charger, ect.
ive replaced the fuse with the old and new ports. ive touched the wires together and it wont even power it up for a second. what else could be wrong?
Had transmission rebuilt a year ago.
While driving my indicator for park ,reverse,neutral,drive .Started to flash while I am driveing,could you please give my some direction what my be the problem and is it safe to keep driving it like this?It only flashes while I am in drive
When I put my car in drive the indicator flashes.but when I put in park or neutral it stops !But I put back in drive its flash again and again! Please feed back that you so much!
Car will turn over but will not start, earlier today stopped at store and car idling sounded different, but nothing to bad. Car is home but will not start what should I have checked first
My car was running fine except a weird noise, like a faint tick last few weeks.. today the car started making a click/clack noise.. it seemed to be timed while idling. 2,3,4,5,click,clack .. 2,3,4,5,click,clack etc.. pulled it into garage and it immediately stalled. did some reading and replace the Camshaft Positioning sensor. But now the car wont start.It cranks but wont turn over and start. It seems like its not getting fuel to system but the battery is also reading FAIL on my neighbors reader. Tried jumping it and it read 13.75V and when we would try to start it would drop to 11.5V... also It has been giving a "low flow EGR" code. I removed the EGR and cleaned it thouroughly, just haven't replaced becuase for some reason its $375 for my car.. PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME!! Im a corrections officer and drive 50miles to work and 50 miles home, this car is my life and I need it to feed my children and wife
gas gauge string or wiring issue if there is
one d/t radio in/out and sun visor lamp out also does this sound more like a wiring issue?
Dash separating from mounting at the seam where the airbag would deploy.
Car cut off and will not start. Have checked and fuel pump is good ... put new cam shaft sensor on still won't start ... doesn't seem to be getting spark to plugs???
driv belt is destroed
If I can How do Ido it.
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