2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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I have a 06 Mitsubishi eclipse gt. Recently I started driving it all was fine with it. Next day I’m driving about 70 mph and I started hearing a light tapping sound coming from the front end of the vehicle. I slowed do to about 60 and it went away. I went back up to 70 and it started again. No struggle from the car. I dropped back to 60 and after about 15 minutes of driving I started to hear the click at 60mph I immediately turned around and went home. I heard it at about 45 mph by the time I got home. I only hear it when driving, not while at idle or when I rev the engine. Any ideas on what it could be?
I recently got this car used and it has had some problems but has been fixed. I have noticed that going 70 mph my rpm is at about 2,800 and im not sure why it's so high. I don't know if it has overdrive or not but if it does where should I look?
When going 70 on the highway my rpm is almost at 3,000 and it causing me to use a lot of gas. I just need to know if my car ha over drive or not.
removed cables and charged batter with external battery charger; after charge, reatached cables, started car, walked around and noticed til lights on even without light switch turned on. have not checked if brake pedel is sticking or if fuse problem.
The seat will move up, down, and forward no problem. Not making noise
Opened my hood to look at something, went to shut it and it won't totally latch!!
No noise in gear or while moving
My car wouldn't start 1 time the other morning, did finally start and has since then, however I am hearing a rumbling/crunching sound in 1st and 2nd gear. My mechanic said sounds like it's coming from transmission. Sent me to Transmission shop they said they charge $650 just to take it apart to find the issue, and could be more than $2500 to fix?? Does this seem normal? No other issue at this point but the noise and it not starting easily that one time.
above the doors on either side, and above the windshield on either side.
the inside of the plastic assembly has been hazed by the sun and i don't think that this part is accessible for some of the standard "unhazing" methods.

Thank you
Afraid to drive/purchase this vehicle since timing belt should have been replaced at 60k mi and no has 91k. Knowing the belt could snap at anytime and cause major repairs and expense. But if we are going to replace the timing belt, should the water pump be replaced at the same time, and are there any other belts that should be replaced while it is undergoing this service. Thank you.
NO accidents, No Collisions. My Supplemtal Restraint System Warning Light Came On. A Day Later my Passenger Warning Light Came on. The light Came on while driving a long distance. My main concern is, hoping the air bags dont deploy while driving over speed bumps or braking at a stop light....Might have to disconnect the passenger air bag module too be safe. still uncertain how to handle this....
Do you need to drop the engine on a 06 eclipse to replace the clutch?
I broke the key in the switch then broke the switch trying to get it out. How much to replace and do I have to do any computer stuff with the new key.
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