2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Timing belt snapped on my 04 3.0 liter 24 valve eclipse, replaced timing belt found Top dead center, car tries to start, but just doesn't quite make it. Has compression, no valve damage, no piston damage, new plugs wires everything.
When I stop at a light or stop sign it acts like it wants to stall. Runs fine while I am going and none of my dash lights are on, does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem?
It keeps blowing the ECM fuse among others what could it be
Need to know if it has a drain plug for transmission fluid
It only works on 4 then the fuse blows
When idle, or using/pushing clutch in, the loud roaring/sounds like thunder under, stops. As i use the gas, it continues to get louder. Any help fellow mechanics?? I was thinkin ball joint, transaxle, clutch plate/disk, bearings...??? Help. Also, this may be the UJoint in the rearend, just want to make sure first. Loud popping as if the butt is going to come out, lol, when hitting bumps, turning to hard or ahem ahem drifting.. lol... any ideas?
Just bought the car, used. There isn't a radio installed. Replaced fuses. Replaced tail light bulb. Individual instrument lights do work, dimmer doesn't change anything.
I have had this vehicle for only 3 months. It idled rough but has been fine up until a month ago. First battery went dead...replaced! Than all of a sudden it would stall when stopping. I pulled into parking lot to work and it started to die but didn' felt like it was losing power. Well I thought maybe the cables were not on tight enough, so had someone check, they were fine. Took it too Auto Zone they put on there machine and said all the sensors were good. I had the alternator checked said it was good, but it was still on the vehicle??? Had the wires and plugs replaced also. Can't really get an answer from anyone since I am a woman. Don't know if they don't know anything or don't care?! I thought maybe the fuel filter, but when I went to price it, they told me it don't have one???? What the heck!! Please HELP...this is so FRUSTRATING!
alternators listed for this car are a 90 amp or 95 can i tell which one i need and how can i tell which one is on the car now...
it bcomes on and stays on for 15 mins or more some times less and then would flicker and go off by itself. comes on whether I am on the hwy or in city driving......had car code codes were evident.
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