2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Have put all these in plus new plugs and wires. Please help!
I just change all the spark plus & wires on my 2002 eclipse GT the car runs great going down the road but will not hold an idol? Could i have knocked something loose when changing the wires and plugs. Does anyone know what i could check and how to do it? Thank you
it will not blow warm air
I have water coming in the car from my evaporator.
In February 2014 I my fiance bought me a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse (my previous car caught fire still unsure why) I brought it home drove it less than a month it was still getting colder in the evening went out started it let it run and there was a loud roaring from passenger side under hood, it stopped by the time I made it inside so I thought nothing of it came back out and heat and radio and everything was on but engine wasn't running. Will crank but not even start and it's June 17 2014 and it's been in the shop this whole time mechanics all over it we thought it was fuel pump but they tested it nothing wrong.checked timing belt it was in rough shape he changed it put back in time still won't start..put new crank shift censor oil change (because there was gas in oil from cranking) new distributor they have literally been up and down and have had another shop mechanic her in town look at it and they are all puzzled.i take care of my vehicles I just don't spark plugs old ones were wet he said.he says it's getting fire . everything is in check just won't start I need help! They have decided that it is the computer can you test for that even if it's not starting? And how hard is it on this specific car? He was supposed to pull the old one off and get me the serial number so I can get a computer and he said you have to take off the whole dash I don't know what else to do.if and when it gets fixed should I sell??
I have a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse were I had the wiggle the key in order for the car to start after a week that car would not start. Changed the ignition key and the starter, the car still would not start. My husband and dad took the car apart and still found no problem. they then thought that it had to do with the computer. My father thinks that it has to do with the gas pump. My husband then ran it through the scanner and got the code P0001. I hope that you guys can tell me what could be wrong with the car
Will not start or is difficult to start and runs rough, sometimes smoothing out after warm up and increase in rpms.
Car has 185,000 miles. I had the starting and charging system tested and everything tested fine. The "service engine soon" light recently turned on. The car starts fine in the morning and when I go out for lunch. The last 3 evenings is when it has acted up. Day 1 it needed a jump start. Day 2 it cranked but wouldn't start until about 15 minutes of trying. Day 3 it took 30 minutes of trying to get it to start and when it started it made a squealing noise for about 10 seconds and then ran normally. Any ideas of what it could be? Thank you!
When starting the car after it running beautiful all day long it will not start. Turn over but will not fire. After turning the car off there is a little green light at the top right hand corner of the dash that is blinking green.
$2,000.00 in repair costs.
Mitsubishi Dealer Repair Shop working on it and still can't fix it.
Replaced EGR Solenoid with a new one.
New Oxygen Sensor.
Increased Sensitivity of System for $110.00
Remove EGR and clear blockage for $220.00
Replaced Computer (MR578504) for $800.45

Service Engine Soon / Code PO401 came back...

After all these repairs that did not fix the problem, should I look for help from the Department of Automotive Repair? I spent my last dime on gas returning the car to the shop. Please help!

I put a computer to it and i dont remember the code but when i asked someone to figure it out for me they told me it was the fuel pressure sensor. The transmission also jerks when changing from 2nd to third. And i have no idea where my coolant is going iam constantly trying to figure it out. Absolutely no leaks and its not going into the engine. Someone please help.
the heater is blowing cold on driver side and warm on passenger side....What could be wrong and How can I fix it?
whats could be wrong? and how can i fix it?
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse gt spyder automatic with 139,500 miles. When I start driving, the first shift is good, the second shift is a little jerkish. I have changed the transmission mount motor mount, drain and refill tranny fluid. Any idea of it being a torque converter, timing belt,any kind of clutch. It is a automatic
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