2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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When I'm gear at idle the steering wheel vibrates and when hot and you stop it wants to shut off normally the idle is about 500 rpms. To keep it from shutting off when you stop you have to keep your foot on the gas to maintain about 1000 rpms to keep it running
I've replaced the radiator thermostat and actuator and I still can't get heat to the vehicle
I have installed new spark plugs, a new battery, and I have installed a new cable for the shifter. I have also installed a new vehicle speed sensor.
after cleaning throttle body my check engine light came on what would cause this the computer or can I adjust the idle if so how
I cleaned out throttle body due to rough idle and stalling I cleaned out throttle body after doing that the check engine light came on could it be a ground if so where are they all located
I was told by a mechanic at the hobby garage I go to that I need to replace the spindle, but I'm not sure if that applies to my car. He didn't seem too up on imports. I am not interested in drilling the part out-- i dont have the tools or expertise. I was wondering if I need to replace just the spindle or if there is another eclipse spyder specific part I would need to swap out. What do I need to do to fix this issue?
it started a few weeks wouldn't want to accelerate so I changed the catalytic converter tinking it would fix it well that worked but now it won't idle goes dead if I hit the clutch and don't give it gas
Bought the car few months ago,broke down same night changed battery and cables,seem to work for maybe 2weeks then the battery kept getting worse so bought new one,same thing again. Being a single parent with young kids keeps me busy so i kept putting it off.Normally it would start up again after some time or with a jump. Just got it jumped then it just shut off,open hood and just small amount of smoke for seconds came out from the passenger side. Changed 1coil,plugs,battery wiring,cleaned maf,checked fuses,timing belt was said to be OK but not sure if they really checked it out good. Being told jumped timing or brain box........I have read up on here for few hrs but left more confused with more possibilities....any help would be be appreciated, thanks
I put it in gear let the clutch out and the car doesn't go. It gradually became this way. If I rev the engine it will eventually grab and go. What would be causing this? Trans fluid is good.
Ran great before. 260k mi.
tried to replace broken valve stem. did not come out clean. back half fell
Starts fine turn car off after driving won't start for couple of hours then will run fine.
Turns over and wants to start but won't for a few hours runs fine down road
Interference engines are destoryed by a broken timing chain I am told. Is this an interference engine
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