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Replaced fuel pump and engine will turn over but won't start
I replced the clutch and now 1st and 2nd seem to be reversed car takes off fine in second but sluggish in 1st bogs down when you switch from 1st to 2nd
I have replaced all spark plugs,wires,coil pacs,fuel injectors,cam sensor, crank sensor and still have a p300 code,plus a cam sensor fault code no one can figure out was wrong with it it's been doing it for months and had it to 2 shops already and I can't drive it because don't want to hurt other parts in engine and make more problems I have spent $650 on it already no leaks no noises motor runs strong until it kicks the first time then the service engine light comes on again don't understand what is wrong with it could it be the catalytic converter or something else that has to do with fuel or air mixture because of the p300 code not sure why the cam sensor fault code is on also the sensor is brand new really getting frustrated with this car because paying for it and can't drive it really sucks but I like the car just want it to run like it should so I can drive it
I have cold air coming out on the driver side in the Winter.Summer I use the AC water on the driver floor board. I bought the car like this.I have flush and burp.It was running hot and smoking.Got that fixed.Please help.I was told I need a heater core.But im getting heat on the passenger side.
When using the air cond water soaks the flooring. The firewall does not look like the others shown on youtube. I have removed the items blocking the view of the firewall from engine side and cannot see what may be leaking? Any details from anyone about this?
My car ran great with no problems what so ever and the next day it wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. I checked to see if it was getting spark to the plugs and it was not. I checked fuses and everything else and still can't find a solution.
The option wasn't available but it is a 3.0L v6
Then when I let out on the fuel and RPMs come back down it seems to shift fine until tries to catch the next gear then it vibrates and my RPMs jump all over the place I'm not sure what's wrong with it
I want to install an electrical oil pressure gauge in addition to the "idiot light" set up from the manufacturer. I want both to be operational so will need to add a part (a block to connect to the engine that will contain both sensors. I am dealing with Summit Gauges and they will find me the parts required if I can give them the data regarding the OEM oil pressure sensor threads into the block. V6 engine 2001 Spyder.
I'm leaking oil bad, had a new water pump put on, now having a bad oil leak
the shop has put 4 computers in the car he says it feeds to the computer from the coil but wont feed into the system. could this be a security lock out and if so how do we reset it. the car has 2 keys 1 for doors and 1 for ignition. mitsubishi said that the comper has to be programed to the vin # my car went into the shop because transmission had to be fixed it was running when it went in to be fixed
Suddenly overheated and engine shut off let it cool off and put coolant in it it will crank but not start, no water in oil battery is good and have a full tank of gas plz help
How do I repair and trouble shoot problems with the top on a mitsubichi convertible 2001? I can only open about 1/4 of the way and right side driver side gets stuck. left side keeps on going... before it was working fine. is it a track problems or a motor problem and how do i find out?
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