2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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2000 eclipse just replaced maf and throttle position sensors
When i turn my headlights on, the drivers side high beam comes on and the passenger side low beam is on. When i flip it to brights, the passenger side high beam comes on and the drivers side low beam is on. What can i do to fix this?
Dragging metal and clumping when turning the wheel feels like the tire going to come off
Is this something I should be concerned with? I'm in the process of buying this car
I drove it through high water. haven't drove it since.
The headlights flash even when the car is turned off until the battery runs down
Timing marks are good but it acts like itis out of time popingback
car won't start unless I spray either in injector compartment.
checked plugs and wires, coil, coil module, cam sensor. Any ideals what to check next
Loud whining noise like a tea pot. Dont know if it is wheel or trans. Have auto trans. Only hear when vehicle moves
My 2000 Eclipse GTS idles roughly and stalls at start up and stopping please help

It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
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