2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Is this something I should be concerned with? I'm in the process of buying this car
I drove it through high water. haven't drove it since.
The headlights flash even when the car is turned off until the battery runs down
Timing marks are good but it acts like itis out of time popingback
car won't start unless I spray either in injector compartment.
checked plugs and wires, coil, coil module, cam sensor. Any ideals what to check next
Loud whining noise like a tea pot. Dont know if it is wheel or trans. Have auto trans. Only hear when vehicle moves
My 2000 Eclipse GTS idles roughly and stalls at start up and stopping please help

It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
I installed a used Japanese long block and the Crank. Pos. Sensor and its tone/ reflector? ring installed weren’t new and were without warranty. I have been driving it for 18 months with the P0335- Crankshaft Position Sensor A Ckt & P0340-Camshaft Position Sensor A Ckt & Service Engine alarms in yet the engine is not only running, it is performing well. I would occasionally clear the alarms but they would quickly come back in. A new Crank. Pos. Sensor and its tone/ reflector? Ring have been installed and the same alarms quickly come in again and the engine is still running well. Where the big problem comes is that with the Service Engine alarm in that is an automatic failure of the Bi-Annual CA Smog Test even if the tail pipe emissions were OK. I beginning to wonder if it’s possible that the ECU could have a glitch that causes the alarms to trigger when they aren’t real and yet keep the engine running fine. Also is the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) something different from the ECU?
i have change reverse and 1 forward gear and its not tha low gear or tha highest its in between
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