1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Gas pedal will not move
What could be the cause of this
Car has sat for at least 4 - 6 years just bought it recently and got it cleaned up enough to start working on and it does run and idles great. But previous owners had the engine replaced at there own expense and then the engine smokes a bit of white smoke after idle for about 5 - 10 min then it spews a bit of blue smoke could this be from carbon build up or oil sitting on the internal parts or some thing or would i need to replace a few gaskets?
I recently bought another eclipse its sat for some time the engine was blown the people swapped it the car smokes a bit im guessing it sat for about 5 - 7 years has almost all original factory parts on it but the engine. Now after it sits and idles a bit the exhaust emits a slight bit of white smoke but then it turns to a blue would it be due to the lack of being driven and needs a tune up possibly or would i need to replace my gaskets engine seems to idle fine and do great when you give it gass but then it smokes.
I was wondering if their is a switch on the break pedal that may be broken? Do you have any recommendations? My eclipse is an RX 2.0
I was wondering if their is a switch on the break pedal that may be broken? Do you have any recommendations?
I changed a very noisy ps pump and the noise is gone, but the steering is still hard to turn. It is very possible the owner drove with very low fluid and topped it off with power steering fluid with stop leak. Bummer...

Bleeding bubbles yelded very little improvement to the turning. However I was not able to get rid of all bubbles.

Could there be some damage in the rack and pinion?
i replaced the turn signal switch and the left turn signal is constant and the right is off
I just found a crack on my radiator and I have no idea how i received this crack. I would like to know is there a way to fix this problem and what would I need to fix this?
gray smokes also comes out when i hit the gas and it smells like burnt rubber
Mitsubishi Lancer GLi 4 cylinder (not Eclipse but choice not there)
Cable has been tightened twice but has now broken (ie 'nothing' happens when pressing clutch pedal). Advice has been that it needs replacement and will be $1000 Australian dollars. Seems a lot for us.
I turn it on and off then runs fine for a while but the downshifts again.
When i turn the car off and start it back up it shifts into gear fine, but it will still downshift into a lower gear again.
My daughter has a 98 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0.129,000miles she has replaced the plugs and wires, It has error codes p0171 and p0301 lean fuel, i have checked for vacuum and gasket leaks with brake cleaner no indication of leak any where have checked fuel injectors for continuity all around 14 ohms. I have erased codes but eventually come back, at first start will run and rev perfect for 3-5 minutes then run a little rough, if i turn it off and restart will run perfect, this happens on all restarts and after 3-5 min it returns to run rough. has new air cleaner, new o2 senors, new plugs and wires and have run lucas injector cleaner instead of taking rail and injectors out and cleaned manifold sensor. any help would be appreciated thanks for reading
Check engine light on and running rich.
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