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I was just wondering if the belt near the engine breaks does that mean the values are ruined? I was told that my car has a intermittent engine..which in that case the value would not be ruined.?
we aren't wanting to have to take anything else off of the car. is there a way to put this coil back in the engine without having to take things off of the motor to accomplish this. is there a tool?/ can something be made from home to do this job./
I have 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rs sometimes when I'm driving my car it will start to want to stall and my engine, oil, and the rest of my dash lights seem to pop up then my car just suddenly dies turns back on after 1 or 2 cranks... But if I step on the gas before it stalls it comes back to life.. can someone help me? I replaced crankshaft position sensor and fuel pump..
New catalyst converter
The sunroof worked perfectly before but while it was open one night it got shoved back from someone standing out of it and it sounded like it got knocked off track. Now the motor works because it will open and close, but now when you first open it, it doesn't pop up as high as it was and it makes a popping sound when it first opens then needs help closing or it will try and reopen itself halfway closing.
when checking tranny. no pressure on the fork of throwout bearing. replace flywheel,clutch,pressure plate,bearing,
started to install but still no pressure on fork. looked at old parts still half of clutch plate still good. bearing still good.
Husband says need to pull crankshaft.but behind that vs there a belt / or chain from diagram.What is it called
Only thing I haven't looked into was the starter, but the test showed it was good along with battery and new alternator. Could it be the ignition switch. I'm all of ideas. I would like to get it running again to sell it or keep since I have a car for now
Car wont start out of no where stalled out on me while driving pulled over and tried to restart had to pump gas pedal in order to do so and it wouldn't stay alive if I floored it it died if I didn't eventually it still will idk what is wrong
97 eclipse gs shifting is clunky and Can only go into gear when I shift slow
Idles rough when in park every once in awhile. And has been during on me when I come to a stop. My husband has already replaced spark plugs.
manual transmission 220,xxx miles never been rebuilt when i start my car in the morning or after an hr of not driving a few secs after i release the clutch i hear a loud rattling sound push in the clutch it goes away. or if after starting hold the clucth for a few mins and it wont rattle when the transmission warms up after a bit of driving not one more peep out of it unless i rev the engine i took a stethoscope and it doesnt sound like the releasebearing or release cylinder/bearing fork i can barely hear it in the bellhousing i hear it maily coming from the transaxle with a stethoscope anyone have an idea which bearings could be making that sound maybe a ring or something i dont no much about transmission they r not my area of expertise my expertise is in the engine any help would greatly be appreciated
car just started acting up. wont go into first gear, stays in second, will go in reverse but jumps hard when changing gear. mechanic tried to put a tester on it and it wouldnt "communicate"? with it. trying to determine what is wrong and what its going to cost to fix it.
. i have only had it like 4 days and up until yesterday it drove great. there is also a whining noise too.
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