1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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I'll be driving for about 30 or 40 minutes and my car will be running fine then the rpms go to 0 and all the dash lights come on then my car won't start unless I sit for 5 minutes then it will start up again but it will do the same thing it has a brand new battery starter fuel pump and filter
Car is nocking when engine starts
It occurred when I went out to leave and I had to turn the car off and could not drive it
i have to wait a few hours or a day then it will start again
i replaced my EGR valve a year ago.My car started surging, the troubleshoot code for EGR valve came up, so i replaced the valve again, the old EGR valve was full of sludge so i put the new one on, and the car is still surging.In fact it is getting worse .
It's a1996 4 cylinder 2.0 litre Mitsubishi eclipse
It's a1996 4 cylinder 2.0 litre Mitsubishi eclipse
i have put a new injector and a computer that I got out the junk yard in it and its still dumping gas
Had to list Mitsubishi Eclipse for 1.8 engine.
I runs perfect once started but as soon as you shut it off it won't start till the next day
bought a new one had someone to put it on for me. when they was replacing it the tool that they were using touch metal and I heard a light pop noise. after that I started having problems with my alternator. my inside lights don't all come on and I have no brake lights
I have bought 3 new alternators and they all keep going bad
It jerks only in reverse and the error code showed up i checked it and it came out as p1750 any suggestions??
"I bought a 96 gs non turbo eclipse less than a month ago and it runs pretty good but my problem is it wont start after it gets hot . It does crank fine when it's cold . so why won't it crank when it is hot . And it has died goin down the road ( like I shut off the car ) ."
So, since that's the problem, what could it be? He checked the Coolant Temperature Sensor, but that wasn't it. Vacuum leak? Headgasket? Distributor?
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