1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Wont start
I picked up my mom from work and when I came home I left my car running and when I jumped on my antifreeze started to spill over my engine. I checked my radiator hoses and they looked fine. What can it be? Beside that, I will really appreciate the help.
It turns off and i cant start it until it cools off can take about 1-2 hours to cool off and start again aready replaced coil pack its all electric. need help asap
It will spin over but has no spark to the plugs and timing belt is still in tact!
I dont hear any noise or anything like that just real hard to go into any gear. Ill appreciate the help
My car wont start when its hot an my coolant overflow tank starts to bubble.when i open it the coolant is not clear it looks black an when i pour it out you can see the coolants actual color (green)
Drove the car which was running perfect, parked it in the garage and the next day it would not start, it will only crank. Thought it was a fuel pump problem as no fuel was being sent to the engine, but hotwired the fuel pump to the battery and the fuel pump activates and delivers fuel to the engine but engine will not start. Check for spark at the coil and power to the fuel pump and there is neither. Replaced the fuel pump sensor, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor and still no power. There is power to the camshaft sensor but there is no signal being sent from that point. Also checked the ASD sensor, all fuses and ignition. Prior issue has been the car would start perfectly, check engine light would come on and then go off like it is suppose to but come back on in about 2 miles or so. OBD2 code it throws is 1390 but, based on the performance of the vehicle, this code - timing missing a tooth or two, does not seem possible, and assessment was confirmed by a mechanic who placed the car on an OBD2 and received the same code. He said the car was running too good for this code. Timing belt is intact and the cams were timed less than a month ago. Car passed smog less than two months ago. Now, as I've said, there is no spark to the coils and no power to the fuel pump. Lights in car come on but check engine light does not come on (has a new bulb in it). Thinking of dropping the engine and doing a complete timing job including replacing all tensions and water pump and a new timing belt even though the one on the car is fairly new just in case whoever changed the timing belt did not completely time the vehicle. Could the cams be out of alignment? Any other suggestions? The car in the past had some modifications that were removed and put back to stock. Does the car need to be taken in and be "retaught" codes? Any suggestion would be helpful. The car is in San Diego and is driven by a starving student, who is 4 hours from us so it would be helpful if we could go down there with a better idea of what the problem is and how to fix it or what steps are needed to be taken.
I just put a head on this engine and oil is spilling out of my radiator hose the lower ine what could it b
after I bought a new battery, my car started reving/idling high while in park
the cooling fan does not turn on ever,causing car to start overheating.. temp gauge gets warm/hot
I took off the fly wheel to straighten it out but now the bolt patterns do not match up. I can only get about two screws in properly.
The sunroof is almost shut but it will not shut all the way.
it might be crank sensor?
I have replaced fuel pump relay,ignitionrelay,idle control valve, crankshaft sensor ignition switch, and had ECU reprogrammed by A-1 cardone. Car will shut down sometimes while idling and sometimes at 70mph. It seems to possibly be shorting out somewhere. Engine light has never once come on! Anyone have a clue, I'm at a dead end!
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