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I did run it almost out of oil and just put a new battery on it ain't sure what I messed up by running it so low on oil
key wont unlock
Im thinking its a blown fuse but I can't figure out which one
bank 1 fuel trim is high; upstream 02 sensor response is low?
Started noticing that running temp was one line above normal but it never over heated. Then while driving it just shutdown and after a period of time I could go drive home (short distance) Replaced the fuel filter and thermostat but still the same problem. Also prior the battery keep needing to be charged, but I'm thinking that was due to the bulb in trunk. I have had several opinions but I'm hoping it's a simple fix. Help a girl out I love my car and I'm not ready to give it up.
Got into accident last year. N a car hit me on left hand passenger rear end. Trunk area. N now my tire wiggles really bad. I think i broke a suspension or boot? Not sure. But i can see that a piece of metal is broken but dont know what it is.
My starter began turning over more slowly a couple weeks ago & Friday it finally would not start so I put a new battery in & it still would not turn over...could this be a master fuse problem?
My half shaft has been leaking for some time now is there any other damage from this and has a little sludge how much will this cost to repair?
Last November I replaced alternator, battery and both battery cables, (cable from dealer). Prior to this some mechanic replaced one front downstream 02 sensor but replaced the wrong one and code stayed present.
When the starter caught fire because it was a cheap part that was put on by old mechanic, it failed. Everything was going fine after the electrical stuff replaced.
Driving along and car quits, battery died from trying to start it. Got to vehicle later in the day and nursed it home on the freeway at higher(2000 plus) RPMS. Pulled same 02 code for sensor on back bank after the cat. Replaced front sensor because starter caught the wires on fire when the starter burned up...this front sensor is the one the mechanic replaced and he installed it cross threaded. SO i seen smoke coming from the hole and took it too exhaust shop who replaced the bung and installed the 02 sensor again with very few threads left but it worked for now. Smoke problem fixed. Had airbox off vehicle. Code for sensor was still stored for back bank after cat, so replaced it but accidently installed the connector back words because the new sensor appeared to be deceptive on how its installed. Found this problem out and reversed the sensor to normal. Code didnt set though. No codes but on start up the idle goes to 3200 rpms. SO i thought maybe i had a bad air meter and unplugged it and the idle went down, so got a used one from parts yard and no change, so i feel that ruled out the meter causing the problem. I know its possible a used part can be bad but this part came from a good facility with a good reputation of stocking and selling tested parts. Old air meter would not let car idle at all.
Installed the air meter and put the air box back in. Did break one of the plastic tabs(worn plastic junk) where the lock down for the air box holds the air filter in place but this is before the air meter, so this should not affect the meters reading.
I cant find a chart that tells me what the parameters for all the sensors that are on this car and what they should read on the scanner screen.
I dont find any blown fuses.
There is a plunger type device on the backside of the throttle body area where its not anywhere near the other end of what would appear to make contact. I dont even know if this is an issue or not.
Like i said before all was driving down the road and it just stalled. I think it was ran out of fuel so i put fuel into get it home to be sure that wasnt it. The gas gauge I think.
The car sat for a couple months while out of Arizona and the battery died. Any chance the computers not relearning itself properly and causing this. I dont find any leaks by listening and looking for vacuum leaks.
There is also a hole in the flex tube of the exhaust but I dont think this is an issue.
Thank you for the help.
Cold start it runs fine for about 2 minutes then starts sprinkling gas out exhaust. If I rev it up, I get a puddle of gas coming out the pipe. What could the problem be?
We all know a car has different systems working together in order to make an automobile function. Cooling system, electric system, etc. What would be the most crucial to learn?
Besides actually taking a car apart and putting it back together. I can't afford that. I want to attend a mechanic school/program in Los Angeles that is highly acclaimed...academically, but don't want to regret going there, such as Wyotech, UTI and other highly priced schools. I would most likely like to work on cars as a hobby and not a career.
I was thinking a MiVEC. Maybe a later Diamante model like Vr-x. The stock engine has 186,000+ miles on it. Would you suggest swapping or waiting until it completely fails or wears out? I get p0401 code and p0510.
Every time i get gas this happens, I also have a service engine soon light that is on.
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