1998 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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just installed a new radiator.
Just get nose frm heater core and gauge resets
the car ran hot and coolant was leaking in the floorboard. The heater core appears to be ok. should I replace the seals (o-rings) and see if that fixes it. And where can I find the seals? Will liquid gasket work?

when applying throttle to the car at certain speeds the front end vibrates when coming down hill makeing a left turn front end vibrates on left side when hitting pot hole or rough road carseems to not absorb the shock car does not do any of these systems at slower speeds
Latch on left rear door appears to be in open position, but when I close the door, the latch doesn't seem to catch or stay closed. The door bounces back open. A similar problem on another door, but if I slam it a couple of times it finally catches. Not so with the left passenger door.
My car runs great, then one day I will get in and it will crank, but not want to turn over. Usually if I wait a few minutes and try again, it starts eventually. What could be the cause of this. The gas is full, the fluids are clean, everything seems to be in order, and it always seems to happen at the worst times, on the way to work, not a Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your time and help, I hope you have some ideas.
Have tried se eral options to undo bolt to rmove and replace harmonic balancer. Two large impacts and a whole lot of other options and still cant get that bolt to budge!!!
Wires from 02 sensor go to a plug at bottom of car. I removed plug and wire continues through hole and can't find harness.
When you go to take off it cuts out real bad at low rpm if you floor it it has all its power. Like when your driving down the freeway you have to keep the rpm atleast at 2700 then it wont cut out. Like i said though when you floor it it dont cut out and it has full power. I have replaced hundreds of dollars in parts. If you could help me i would appreciate it. Another thing when its cold it runs fine but once it warms up it does this. Thanks again
I had the oil changed and somehow they tilted the steering wheel in a position I didn't have it. How do I put it back into it's previous position?
My 98 Diamante has 165,000 miles on it. I have been having all the symptoms of a blown head gasket. It leaks oil and uses oil..1-2 qts about every two weeks. Rough Idle at start, BLUE smoke out the exhaust...oil is not milky, but regular oil (caramel) color. I have an appointment to have my mechanic look at it. He says it will be around $1200 to fix if it is head gasket. The water in the radiator is going somewhere, but I can't find any external leaks and like I said the oil is normal color. I don't know if its some kind of built in safety feature on this model car or what, but everytime I have an external water leak, the accelerator will stick somewhat when I stop at a light and then start up again. Anyone have any ideas?
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