1997 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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The car runs fine at normal speeds but when I slow down (usually at stop lights) the engine cuts off. When I let off the gas, the brake pedal loses some resistance. The car also seems to lose power when accelerating from a complete stop. All of the symptoms tend to point me towards a vacuum leak of some sort. I was wondering if anyone had similar issues and what other things I should be checking other than the throttle body lines. - I read in the Galant issues section that there were cases of a failing Idle Air Control Valve that were causing similar issues. Is this common with the Diamante as well? I recently had the exhaust replaced and they removed the catalytic converter but I don't see that being the problem as the low idle was there before replacing the exhaust. - Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!

with 20000 miles on it it was running real good and now this
When first trying to start the car it hesitates until I
just keep forcing it then it starts. Is the problem the
starter and is it hard to replace?
where are the sparks plugs for a diamante mitsubishi 97 located?
My starter is dead. I need a new starter. i got the part number for it from the dealership. "mary dog 373 135" my question is...can i pull a starter from a different car? and what car???
why would my heat in my car not work i have done replaced the thermostat due to running warm and the a/c not getting cold just wondering what might be my problem now
the power steering is in the back of the motor looks hard to get to will engine have to be pulled
why would the car just cut off when going slow.
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