1995 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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gotten the manual showing all engines but not the one I have. can not determine where the crankshaft position sensor is located. can you perhaps suggest some places to look
Persistent problem. Front left and rear right brakes have major drag issues. Replaced with new calipers, frames, slide pins, and pads. Flushed and replaced hydraulic fluid. Mechanic said proportioning valve is okay. Brakes continue to lock up.
was going fine then one day it wouldnt kick over,theres heaps of power though.
There is no rumbling sound like you'd get with a bad bearing. The car does not pull. Braking seems normal and there is no unusual sound when the brakes are applied. Adequate brake pad thickness and the rotors look okay. The temp for the right front wheel is normal. The left front is extremely hot and does have a slight burning smell.
No CODES for this car. Consistently occurs.
I've changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel relay, the main computer, did a basic tune-up and the car still won't drive. If you take your foot off gas pedal the rpm's will bounce back up. Any other suggestions?
Car runs great. There are no apparent problems with the exhaust system, or at least not the pipes or muffler. Can't really see the rear header that well. No unusual exhaust noise. Car does not use oil. Check engine light not on. Most common during hot weather.
About 127K miles.
can i get some intsructions on how to install timing belt on 1995 diamante 3.0 dohc?
where exactly do you tightin the handbrake in these things or is there a free workshop manual somewhere online
Ive had the belt replaced twice. I stopped running the air because its not only embarrassing but my neighborhood autoshop said if its the compressor and i dont replace it, I could damage other parts of my engine. Is this true? Is it the compressor and could it damage my car even if i leave it off?
where is the water pump located and how to install
Timing belt failed damaged 2 valves. Repaired ran 2 minutes, replace all parts covers. Car would not start. Pulled cam. apart found Mechanic says intake valve not closing, lifters not collapsing.
do you check the transmission fluid on this car when its running or turned off.
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