1993 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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The car was running fine it started put put like it was not getting gas and I was pressing the gas. Put a brand new battery in had the oil changed .It has been sitting for a few years and wasn'the being driven
it trys to turn over checked battery,jump started wont work,has gas,it started when i parked it i will check fuel lines next
while idling in park my diamante attempts to die out, as I give it gas it backfires. It hasnt been running for awhile either only started, doesnt have a catalatic converter or 02 sensor on it right now just a straight pipe.
-selonoid for the fuel pump ( its working )
-relay switch
-spark plugs and wires
does anyone have any suggestions, or has there been a recall for this reason?
the waterpump went out 5mos. ago. finally replaced it 4/20/11.
now,vehicle will turn over,but won't start or run. please help.
Recently a loud rapid clicking noise coming from trans. The noise sounds like an injector but louder. Ck. fluid level good and color good. Took car to Trans. franchise and there were no fault codes. The noise would not be present in P or N. When shifted into R you would hear the noise for brief moment then it would stop. The head mechanic said that I had one of the shift solenoid's was going bad and would cost $450 to check it out. Can someone tell if that is the problem or is the trans. on its way out. Thanks
i replaced the coil pack now the mechanic says it is the ignition module coil i want to know where is it located on my car
Good morning...I have had a couple of issues with the car like a strong smell coming from my muffler along with with smoke...the engine light came on a couple times along with it not wantingto start when warm)changed the pcv valve noticing the hose from the engine to the air filter(mass air flow and such) contained a huge amount of oil.//(blowby)..what can be some other causes than a bad pcv valve.???..i was told intake/valve cover gaskets by one and crank pressure something by another...please advise....The car has 208.000 miles on it but the engine has about 100.000....SHARYN
when i get between 45-50 my car starts to cut out
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