1992 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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is that true scene that is the case with this car year and make .does the manufacture have a recall on this problem?
I want to know if I can replace my 1992 Diamante Engine with a 1995 or 1997 Diamante Engine
why the cooling fans does nor runs?
when I opened the door on the drivers door the horn starts beeping on a regular basis like its an alarm system.Does thei car have an alarm system ? and if so how do I fix it or dis-able it. I got this car 2nd hand with no instructions period. If it is not an alarm what is it and how do I repair it. The horn only stops when the battery runs down or is unhooked.
When driving, the oil light flickers on and off
I would like to thank you for your time and helpful answers. My daughter bought this car without me checking it out first. Seems these cars came from the factory with alot of problems,(electronics,brakes,trans,etc.) So,thanks again and have a good one!
do you check the engine trouble codes with a pin or paperclip like the obd1 system like a gm vehicle? if so, which pins in the connector do you use? i also have a PWR light coming on now. any ideas on this?
checked vacuum lines,they seem ok. check engine lite is not on,but the coolant lite is. coolant is full in radiator and the reservoir. started black smoking, bad egr maybe?
whats causing my engine to rev up to 2200-2300 rpm for no apparent reason? still does it if i shut engine off and restart. then it will go back to normal,about 7to800 rpm.
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