1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Questions

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It initially only stalled when coasting to a stop. Now on 100 degree days it stalls even while accelerating. On cool days, e.g.when it rains, and at night it doesn't stall. I work overnights and am personally nocturnal so I don't drive much during the day. There is no engine light or code. When it stalls it's exactly as if I'd turned the ignition off and I can turn the car back on after one or two attempts. The mechanic said when they tried to connect to the computer they got zero communication the first couple of times. They want to replace the ignition because if you tap the key the car does turn off and said bumps in the road could trigger the stall. I tried this and found that it had to be a hard tap, and since I drive the same places at night and during the day the bumps should be the same so I don't see why time of day would affect it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Automatic...when put into reverse or drive car looses power and moves very slow.bought car cheap,had no transmission,bought rebuilt tranny,changed fuel filter,new plugs,did compression check and all is good there ,and timing is correct,new plug wires ..the car ideals fine and revs up fine and shows no codes on thinking its a sensor but which one?
I am agonizing for almost a week over the decision on if i should purchase a 1998 mitsubishi 3000GT or not. I have found a pristine/immaculate one with only 33,000 miles on it. it was garage kept and maintained and is spotless inside and out...a beautiful looking car that i'd love to own. Have had dozens of people tell me DON"T DO IT!!!! they say this car will wind up being a headache and money pit....that it wasn't well built is known for too many issues and the parts are going to be expensive and hard to get especially as more years pass. I was determined to still get it and then started to think rationally and not be cluded by the excitement of owning it for it's beauty. What do the experts say here??? i already have my dream car/ charger...but did want this. It would be my 2nd car but would be my primary use car especially come winter when i garage keep the charger. please...some serious it too much of a gamble? i am excited to go grab this car up wit
hin the next day or two....price is 13,000 but it's not whether it is 10k or is if i am looking at alot of issues or does this car stand the test of time. it was kept up very well by folks who just wanted to own it...drove it gently and garage kept. under the hood has been updated as far as hoses etc and new timing belt.
I need to have the front driver wheel bearing replaced. Should I also have alignment done?
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